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Some people believe that selling their own home is as straight forward as putting a sign on the front yard and showing the right person through, potentially saving them thousands. This is just not the case in most instances. Selling your home is a complex procedure, involving large sums of money, stringent legal requirements and the very real potential for costly mistakes.


Marketing your property is not limited to signage, internet and newspaper classifieds. It involves much more such as market knowledge and experience, a marketing plan/pricing strategy and a substantial amount of time. Sharp negotiating skills and the ability to multi-task are equally as necessary. Realtors provide all of this while qualifying and guiding the deal from start to finish, without falling victim to emotion and negotiating drama.


Micklegate Realty Ltd., Brokerage believes that Homeowners do have the ability to sell their own property, under simple circumstances. In other instances it is realized that Homeowners also attempt the difficult sales task when commissions funds are not available to be paid during a time of decline.







The OTHER GUYS Package


Although some "do it yourself" marketing companies would have you believe that the flat fee covers everything - the yard sign, internet exposure and useful listing tools, it is unrealistic to expect that an unlicensed marketing company can deliver guidance, advice and results during real estate transactions. In fact, RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) requires all individuals who are in a position of selling real estate to be licensed. This applies to licensed Realtors AND to the common public. If sales advice is given and/or if Homeowners are being provided with anything more than marketing from private sales marketing outfits then a violation of the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act has taken place....that is the bottom line.


Here's a tip ** the law indicates that you can sell your own property....however, it is unlawful to sell your neighbour's property, or anyone else's for that matter, without a real estate license.


The MLS Posting Process (Private Sales  with access to MLS) is the only option offered by the Other Guys to provide you with MLS exposure ( This option is granted to the Other Guys, solely, through licensed members of the Real Estate Boards. The Other Guys are granted this access with an additional cost that is absorbed by the private sale owner. Clearly, there is a middle man scenario created. 


You as the Seller trade contractual responsibilities of commissions paid for the forfeiture of your client relationship to that member of the Board. You undertake to market, negotiate and deal the sale of your own home without the guidance or advice from a licensed Realtor/Brokerage. Full MLS and exposure is granted with the understanding that all MLS Rules and Regulations are to be complied with.


One rule of the MLS system that Realtors have abided by for years and years is the Commission to a Co-operating Brokerage (the Realtor/Brokerage who brings the Buyer). This is a mandatory field and must contain a numerical value. The Realtor who represents the Buyer creates the documentation and oversees all viewings, inspections,etc and completes a large amount of the "deal leg work" in a regular sales transaction. So, let's assume that this Realtor plays a key role in the sale including delivering the Buyer. This is important to you as a Seller.


Under the Other Guys contracts, most times a Co-operating Commission of $1 (yes, one dollar) is offered to the Buyer's Realtor on the MLS system. This compensation is unrealistic and directly impacts the Seller's ability to expose the property to the full market place (lets face it, Buyers rely on their Realtors when purchasing - putting the burden on the Buyer to pay commissions can create difficulties with respects to downpayments, deposits etc.). Most unfortunate is that most Sellers are willing to pay a commission to a Co-operating Brokerage who brings a Buyer but  this is not indicated properly in the system.


Micklegate Realty Ltd., Brokerage is an independent real estate brokerage licensed to trade real estate throughout the Province of Ontario. There is no unecessary expense of a middle man/private sale marketing company as we have all of the systems at our resource. We deliver the best service at a better price first hand. We know real estate and we give it to you, qualified and direct.






Private Sale by Owner Package






*MLS Listing at No Additional Cost

* Exposure (Canada-Wide) at No Additional Cost

*Customized Front Yard Signage

*Front Window Exposure

*Pricing Consultation

*Cooperating Brokerage Consultation

*30 Full Colour Brochures


So imagine that you can "post" your own property on MLS for exposure to the Buyer's Market Canada-wide AND you can do this with better real estate advantages than the Other Guys. Could it get better? It does.....


Should you be unsuccessful in the attempt to sell your own home, Micklegate Realty Ltd.,Brokerage would be happy to roll your listing into a Full Service Listing at any time. In fact, a large portion of the amount you have paid already for your posted listing will be returned to you upon the successful completion of the sale of your property. That's something else the Other Guys won't do for you.


Micklegate Realty Ltd., Brokerage strongly suggests that you seek the advice and assistance of a licensed Realtor when looking to purchase or sell your home and would further advise that the Full Service, Full Commission Package is the best and most appropriate package for full exposure in todays market. 


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We only collect personal information necessary to effectively market and sell the property of sellers, to assess, locate and qualify properties for buyers and to otherwise provide professional services to clients and customers.  I/We do not sell, trade, transfer, rent or exchange your personal information with anyone.

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